Loan Management System   
iLOAN's Loan Management System identifies and handles loan renewal and initiation, and issues ACH instructions for new loans and renewals.
The LMS is responsible for managing the lender's portfolio of loans, providing the lender with the flexibility to set different lending rules for different loans which allows for seamless testing of different underwriting.  This includes the preparing of debit and credit instructions for ACH as well as the renewing each loan according to a set of loan rules.

This gives the lender the ability to easily offer additional lending products such as Installment Loans.  It further allows for the lender to lend both nationally and in different countries.

The Loan Management System also has a set of sophisticated controls and automated rules that improves the accuracy of certain processes that have a direct and substantial impact on the lenders ability to claim their loan payments due and, hence, to increase their profitability. For example, the iLOAN system can ensure that the customer’s bank account is automatically debited on the exact day that the customers receive their paycheck. This added degree of accuracy impacts the payback of outstanding loans significantly, which adds to and benefits the lenders bottom line, with no further effort required on their part. 

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Loan Management System (LMS)
iLOAN's Loan Management System identifies and handles loan renewal and initiation, and issues ACH instructions for new loans and renewals....Learn More 

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